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  • We don't sell sexual drugs enhancements (like Viagra, Cialis .....)

  • We sell only products that have been approved and comply with the rules and laws in almost all country of the world (FDA, CDC, OMS,EMEA ……..)

  • We sell most of the  products that you can find on marketplace like Amazon, Ebid….but with a better prices.

  • We buy directly our products only from manufactures and reliable distributor in order to insure quality and freshness of all products for sale on our site.

  • We don’t sell fake, counterfeit, reproduction, generic or expired products.

  • All our products have an expiration date of at least one year but in most case more longer than that.

  • We sell health and beauty, over the counter and wellness and some prescription drugs products of the most important brands available in your country but with an affordable and unbeatable prices.

  • We ship your item/s within 3 days from when we get your payment but in most case we are able to ship your order within 1 working day.

  • We ship your item/s by Air Registered Mail with tracking number in order to insure deliverability.

  • We ship your item/s for free so this means that you don’t need to pay shipping fee. (you pay only $ 2.5 for order as handling fees….just that!!






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